"Happiness is pissing yourself, everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth" -Steaming Bean, Durango, CO

"Casey Lobato says: Chuck Owens a bitch" Storyville, Durango, CO

"The Ant Hill Mob"  Lucky Joe's, Ft. Collins, CO

"Norte Califas" Molly Brown, Bozeman, MT

"The B Hallway Wrecking Crew."  Barcilatti's, Amherst, MA

"In HEAVEN: The Police are English, the Cooks are French, the Lovers are Italian, and the Organizers are German.. In HELL: the Police are French, the Cooks are English, the Lovers are German, and the Organizers are Italian."  YoHo Hostel, Salzburg, Austria

"Remember--if you´re not living on the edge, you´re taking up too much room"  YoHo Hostel, Salzburg, Austria